Call for Application: Nigeria ICT Ministry and Intel Software Competition

ICT Ministry and Intel Software Competition

As part of the initiatives to generate employment and drive ICT entrepreneurial development in Nigeria, the Ministry of Communication Technology in conjunction with Intel Corporation is calling on software developers and entrepreneurs to participate in a 2 week Software Competition to submit a demo/beta web-based solution for a Student PC Ownership Program. Please read the instruction below.
Click here to download the Functional Requirement Specifications Document for the competition.
Below are instructions for the competition
Timeline for the Nigeria ICT Ministry and Intel Software Competition

  1. 04 – 07 September: One week for clarification of enquiries / questions from competitors. Send comments / enquiries / questions to:
  2. 10 – 21 September: Development of demo.
  3. 24 September: Submit the URL through which the demo can be accessed to by 9 a.m. of same day.
  • 25 September: Assessment and evaluation of all solutions submitted through online URLs. Winner will be contacted after thorough analysis.Other RequirementsNo physical copy or CD of the solution shall be assessed. Federal Ministry of Communication Technology (FMCT) and Intel Corporation reserves the right to select or reject any solution submitted. As such, FMCT and Intel are not under obligation to patronize any competitor at all cost.
  •  By participating in this competition, the competitors agree to releasing their intellectual property used in building the demo and as such FMCT and Intel is not liable to any damage associated with the use of the IP by third party.
  •  By participating in this competition, the competitors agree that FMCT or any of its agencies and Intel is free to assess, evaluate and utilize its software to advance the course of the Student PC Ownership Program.
  • FMCT and Intel will jointly evaluate the submitted solutions at the specified URLs to select the best and fit-for-purpose Web solution.
  • The winner shall receive a cash award of N1,500,000.00 for the best solution. This award will also cover the completion of the solution for the Student PC Ownership Program. Therefore on selection of the winning solution, the winner will be required to complete the solution based on additional requirements that may be stipulated by FMCT or its agencies and Intel.
  • However, the award cost will exclude the hosting and other infrastructure cost that may be required for full development and operationalization of the solution for the intended Program.
  • FMCT and Intel shall bear the cost for the hosting and other infrastructure or pay the winner for this infrastructure.
  • The year-in, year-out maintenance and support of the solution shall be the sole responsibilities of the winner.
  • 9. While the intellectual property of the solution will be jointly owned by FMCT and the winner, the proprietary ownership of the business data on the solution shall belong to FMCT or its agency responsible for ICT development.
  •  A Service Contract Agreement, Service Level Agreement and Source Code Escrow Agreement shall be signed between FMCT or its agency and the winner to guarantee the operations of the solution year-in, year-out.
    It’s great to see that the ICT Ministry is working with companies to support and fund entrepreneurs. Don’t forget to abide by all the rules and guidelines above. 

All the Best in the coding .

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  1. ella marie

     /  November 26, 2012

    A two-week training is a good treat for developers and programmers now. They have to explore new fields like vmware training, cisco and many more. I hope they do more of this.

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