2012 Basic Certificate Course @ Daystar Leadership Academy


“Leadership is unveiled by Vision, Driven by Passion, Activated by Planning, Engineered by Sacrifice and Actualised by Tireless Pursuit.”

Daystar Leadership Academy is a Leadership/management development school which came into existence in January 2002. The school runs both the Basic and Advanced certificate course in Leadership. The last basic certificate in leadership course will take place on Sept 1st-23rd, 2012 at the Daystar Christain Center.

After having completed the Daystar Basic Leadership Academy course in July 2009, i will recommend the course because it is life changing,thought provoking,a good networking avenue and a good way to improve your leadership skills. But be warned,no amount of what you hear at the program will make a difference if you are not ready to take the next step.

The Daystar Basic Leadership course module is listed below with links for better understanding of the course content :

Basic Certificate Course Module
• Personal Transformation
 Success Habits
• Financial Management
• Project Management
• System Development
• Leadership
• Leadership Development
• Delegation strategies
• The Supernatural
 Family success 
• Organizational Growth
• Excellence oriented organization
• Personal Health Management

To Register for the program visit: Daystar Leadership Academy Registration Page

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  1. Can i still apply? or i should wait till nest yaer?


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