Tips on becoming a Language Polyglot.

The Polyglot Project

The Polyglot Project

Polyglot: Knowing,using and writing in more than one language.It is synonymous to being multilingual.

A polyglot is someone that speaks two or more languages. Different people have different reasons for being a polyglot or taking the polyglot journey.

It can be for entrepreneurial reasons,self-expression,adventure-seeking,to find a good job,exploring another culture (In my little exprience as a Language polyglot in the making,different countries and culture have their perspective towards language learning/ polyglotism.

For example, a country like benin republic has a strong affinity towards language polyglotism. From personal experience,a typical beninois speaks at least three languages: Faun,french and english while in their schools they usually have the option of learning a foreign language either english,spanish or german.

Being a language polyglot is a very daunting task like anything worthwhile;it is usually not easy from the start but with time it begins to become seamless.

My advice for anyone that ones to be a language polyglot is that you focus on the Ouput phase of language learning than the input phase. More on that in the next paragraph.

The Output Phase of Language learning is Speaking and Writing.

The Input Phase of Language Learning is Listening and Reading.

To be a Language Polyglot: Speak.Speak.Speak.Speak and thou shall not be silent. It is going to be awkward at the beginning with many mistakes but with time you would begin to speak.

I speak English,French and I am presently learning spanish.

The Polyglot Project 2015: To speak the six official languages(English.French.Spanish.Arabic.Russian.Chinese) of the United Nations on or before the 31st of December 2015.

Status Update
English: Maternal Language.

French: I speak french and have written the DELFB1 Exam and would be writing the DELF B2 Exam by March 2012.

Spanish: Learning spanish in the year 2012.

For any question,help,advice on the Polyglot Project 2015. Contact me:

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