Fuel Scarcity Nigeria Protest

The Occupy Nigeria Movement as being spreading like wild fire in the past one week,from the December 31st 2011 announcement by the Nigerian Government of the Removal fuel subsidy on PMS.
With rising unemployment rate,most Nigerians living on less than $2 a day(84%),insecurity,corruption,lack of infrastructural development,high crime rate and the more recent rising of the Boko Haram sect in the North of Nigeria; one could not but wonder why the government chose these particular time to announce the removal.

Nigerians,do not trust the government because of the past government with failed promises and corruption.The NLC/TUC and other Human right and civil organisations have chosen today ,09.01.2012 for the strike/protest which they tag as the mother of all strikes.

I could not sleep because of the looming crisis in this nation and the seeming cluelessness and disconnect between the government and the people.One could only hope that this leads us to our rightful place in the committee of nations.

Nigerians are tired but of them(us) have resigned to faith,which is rather sad but for me I take a stand against government waste,corruption,lack of vision and cluessness.

Enough is Enough.
Rage for Change.
Let’s Occupy Nigeria.

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