The Polyglot Project 2015

Version 1.0
The Polyglot Project 2015 is my goal to speak the 6 official languages(ENGLISH,FRENCH,Spanish,Arabic,Russian and Chinese) of the United Nations on or by December 31st 2015.

According to the plan of action of the project,I will be learning a foreign language per year:
Plan of Action

French – 2011
Spanish- 2012
Arabic- 2013
Russian- 2014

Update- 2011
Learning French in Nigeria

I enrolled at the Nigerian French Language Village  Badagry for a Nine Months Diploma programme in French.

My experience at the Nigerian French Village was fun filled and exhilirating. After spending nine months at the Nigerian French Language Village. I was groomed on the basics of the French Language especially the input and a little of the output side of language learning.

Input: Reading and Listening.
Output: Writing and speaking.

The Nigerian French Language Village is a good place to work on the input side of language learning with a little bit of writing but if you really want to speak french,I will advice you to learn it in a francophone country.

After finishing my french course at the Nigerian French Language Village,I have since gone to some francophone countries to learn french.

Maintenant,je parle francais
To learn more about learning french at the Nigerian French Language Village,you can join the Nigerian French Language Village Facebook Fan Page.

For more information on Learning French in a francophone country or tips on becoming a language can contact me at or drop a comment.

The task is daunting but possible.

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  1. Interesting project you have here. I would encourage you to be flexible. Things don’t often go to plan and it’s ok to change things as you go along. Good luck!

    • Lanre Dahunsi

       /  January 6, 2012

      @David: Thanks bro.! That is why is a Goal(A Dream with a deadline)..I like your site.
      Take Charge Bro.

  2. Simon ugochukwu nmezi

     /  June 1, 2012

    Loking for adimission in badagry pls hw do i get in there

  3. Egwuekwe chima

     /  October 7, 2015

    Hola. Qué tal? Pues, cómo va tu aprendizaje. Espero que hables todos los idiomas que querías aprender. Soy nigeriano y siempre busco a la gente que se puede hablar español. Después de español, voy a aprender el Francés, alemán, japonés y chino….me cuesta mucho pero tengo ganas….. Un saludo.


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