Enough is Enough

On March 16, young Nigerians stormed Abuja.

On April 13, Lagos, here we come.

#EnoughisEnough Nigeria!

Finally, young Nigerians take charge…

Our Votes Must Count!

Join young professionals, celebrities, media, students and activists…

Take-off: Archbishop Vining Church, GRA, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria

Destination: Governor’s office, Alausa, Ikeja

Time: 11am prompt


Register (R): Empower yourself. Stop complaining and get your vote on!

Select (S): Choose wise, responsible people to support! Good leaders build a good nation.

Vote (V): Take Charge. Exercise your power. Roll with your buddies/clique to the polling booth.

Protect (P): Make your vote count. Don’t walk away from your future.


(a) Electoral Reform:

We have an electoral system that allows the president appoint an INEC chairman in an election which the president has interests, that allows convicted criminals to contest for public office, amongst other such misnomers. It is appalling that our electoral system remains so warped and this seems to indicate that elections are primed to be rigged. To this end, we demand that the Uwais Panel Report on Electoral Reform be adopted as is, as they present the clearest path towards transparent and corruption-free elections.

(b) Corruption:

There are littered across the country, corruption cases involving key ministries – from power to petroleum – parastatals and those held in cahoots with members of Corporate Nigeria. Even worse, the EFCC has been fingered in some of these scandals. The Acting President already slated the Ministry of Agriculture (where the former minister has been accused of inflating contracts by up to N500million); the Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation; and the Millennium Development Programme for probe. There is the National Poverty Eradication Programme, where billions of naira has reportedly been misappropriated. The government must show its seriousness in prosecuting these alleged corrupt practices and showing to Nigerians seriousness in solving the problem of graft.

(c) Security:

Nigerians are not safe. The carnage in Jos continues to be a source of worry for many Nigerians, and it continues to be a source of worry because it is proof that our government and its security agencies cannot protect the lives and properties of Nigerians. This is even more poignant because, even after the initial March crises, the intelligent agencies could not pre-empt and avoid the small pockets of deaths that followed. Add this to repeated kidnappings and assignations that continue to be unresolved and the problem is more acute. We therefore demand a complete overhaul of the country’s security apparatuses and that all the public officials who were responsible for the breakdown should be, as a matter of urgency, removed.

(d) Electricity:

6,000 megawatts will not solve the electricity problems of Nigeria, but they are a good start. And when the federal government promised it, Nigerians welcomed that start. Unfortunately, not only was this promise flagrantly broken, but there has as yet been no plan on how to redeem the process. Nigerians desperately and urgently need power for the industrial and production centers. Without that, it will be difficult for the engine of our economy to run efficiently. Without it, life has become near unbearable. We are extending our ultimatum to the federal government – until the end of April – for it to present this plan to the people. If not, we shall target the ministry of power specifically for protest. This promise is not to be taken lightly.

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  1. Outstanding post but I was wanting to know if you could write a litte more on
    this topic? I’d be very thankful if you could elaborate a little bit more. Thank you!


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