Lanre Dahunsi : 2009 in Retrospect

The year (2009) has sure had its up and downs from a low technical run to high personal development gig. The highlights of 2009 includes the following from meeting very wonderful fellows to being a raving fan of numerous authors (Tom Peters,Seth Godin,Peter Drucker).

January 2009

Journey Starts as the Vice-President of JCIUNILAG.
Session at “Tom Associate” on The Business of Consulting (January 7, 2009)

February 2009

Attends the “JCI Nigeria Area A Conference”- FESTAC 2009.
Attends the JCI Presenter Course (The JCI Effective Presentation Course) .

March 2009

Select Committee Members for the organizing of the “2009 JCUNILAG Annual Leadership and Entrepreneurship Lecture”.

April 2009
Daystar Megastar Summit 2009.
Barcamp Nigeria 2009.
Planning towards organizing the 2009 JCUNILAG Annual Leadership and Entrepreneurship Lecture.
First Semester Examinations Starts.

May 2009
Oceanic Banks’ Global Leaders Forum
Attends the “15th JCI Nigeria Collegiate Conference” Ehingbeti 2009 held at the The Administrative Staff College (ASCON), Badagry, Lagos. – 7th – 10th May 2009 .
Goldman Sachs Lagos Presentation Day.
Starts the Basic Certificate in Leadership Course at the Daystar Leadership Academy.

June 2009

JCI UNILAG Annual Leadership and Entrepreneurship Lecture -June 25 (Michael Jackson Dies @ the age of 50…What a great loss to the world).

July 2009

Graduation at the Daystar Leadership Academy Basic Leadership Course .
2009 JCIUNILAG Convention/Presidential Dinner – July 4 200 ( USA Independence Day).
Awards : Most Outstanding Member JCIUNILAG 2009 LOM Year.
“Best Project” for being the Team Leader of the JCIUNILAG Annual Lecture 2009.

Hand Over as Vice-President JCIUNILAG.

August 2009
2009 JCI Ikeja QLV Seminar.
“MICA Leadership Summit Africa 2009” Season 2.
Got Hooked to Tom Peters Books.
Bootstrapping Starts. is registered.

September 2009
Positive Impact Network/SYNC Youth Development Workshop.
AGDC Career Edge Workshop.
LEAP Africa Employability Programme.
Became an active student of the International Institute of Global Leadership.

October 2009

Attends “The Headstone Speaker’s Academy” @ the Headstone Life Development Consult.
“Primeworx Web Academy”.
Mastermind Alliance Meeting with Kola Osinowo and Mayowa Sage Kuti .
Started Attending Eagles Toastmasters International Meetings.

November 2009

Final Year Examinations Start at the University of Lagos.
Final Year Project.
Attends the Leap Africa Leadership Awards.

December 2009

Final Year Project.
Mushin Area Makeover/Community Makeover Project.
Convocation in View (January 20th 2010).

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