Support the Mushin Area Makeover Project.

Mushin Area Makeover

The Mushin Area Makeover is a 1-DAY community development face-lift program which will bring about the physical beautification of selected areas of cities by the efforts of up to 5,000 volunteers from within and outside the community.

This specifically involves painting of buildings and roadside curbs along the most noticeable and eye-catching parts of the selected streets in an area over a duration of 8 hours NON-STOP.

To mobilize the community volunteers resources in a bid towards building out society.

On the 12th of December, 2009, a volunteer force of about 5, 000 people living from within and outside Lagos and even abroad, will converge in Mushin to implement the Mushin Area Makeover.

Who ?
Visible Impact, as Project Coordinator, in conjunction with other project teams and stakeholders including:

* Mushin local government.
* Ministry of Environment Lagos.
* Office of the governor of Lagos State.
* Office of the first lady of Lagos State.
* Religious bodies within Mushin environ (churches and Mosques)
* LAWMA (with trucks to evacuate all wastes packed up)
* Police – to ensure safety of lives.
* Ambulance services and first Aid organizations
* All NYSC corpers serving under Mushin local government

Pilot project has been scheduled to kick off within MUSHIN AREA of Lagos.

This is a call to action to all lagasions to help build the nation of our dreams…Yes we can..We must…We will.

To volunteer or donate towards the Mushin Area Makeover Project…Visit

“We Can Make a Difference”; “We are the Government we have been waiting for”.

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