The 2009 Nigerian Youth Leadership Awards.

Given the recognition that youth are critical to the development of any country,there is increasing global emphasis on the need to invest in the youth. However,in spite of the fact that the vast majority of Nigeria’s population is below the age of 35, youth have been relegated to the background. More frightening is that many of our young people feel a sense of hopelessness and cannot see the possibilty of affecting the development of the country.

In spite of this situation, a select group of young people have distinguished themselves by contributing to the communitiesin which they live by initiating change projects that are gradually transforming lives. It is against this backdrop that LEAP Africa initiated the Annual Nigerian Youth Leadership Awards in June 2004.

Since its inception, the Awards have transformed the lives of its winners, enabling them to gain increased credibility and exposure and the financial and in-kind support to expand the scope of  their initiatives.

The Annual Nigerian Youth Leadership Awards recognizes 10 outstanding young nigerians who have played leadership roles in creating positive changes in their local communities in one of the following ares: Business and Economic Development, Environment, Education, Law and Human Rights, Health, Media, Arts and Culture, and Science and Technology.

The 6th Edition of the Annual Nigerian Youth Leadership Awards was held on the 19th of  November 2009 at the Shell Hall,Muson Centre,Lagos. The awardees each received N70,000.00 to support their change projects in their local communities.

The winners of the 6th Annual Nigerian Youth Leadership Awards include:

  • Aboderin Tunde
    Project: Mobile Cinema Crew.
    Focus: Social Change Through Cinema.
  • Adesokan Balikiss
    Project: Brand it Nigeria.
    Focus: Promoting Patriotism Among Nigerian Youth.
  • Yejide Alo
    Project: Young Minds Empowerment initiative.
    Focus: Youth Training and Empowerment.
  • Anyaegbu Francis
    Project: Youth Education and Empowerment.
    Focus:Youth In Transit Organisation.
  • Inalegwu Frank
    Project: Society for Life and Human Development.
    Focus: Economic Empowerment of PLWHA and Vulnerable Groups.
  • Isikwenu Oghenefego
    Project: Inspiro Communications and Media.
    Focus: Youth Empowerment and Development.
  • Odiase Emmanuel
    Project: SmokeFree Foundation.
    Focus: Anti-tobacco Campaign in Iperu.
  • Okafor Peter
    Project: Operation Be Your Own Boss.
    Focus: Youth Entreprenurship.
  • Okelola Olumayokun
    Project: G54 Environmental Project Group.
    Focus: Environmental Sustainability.
  • Rotimi Akin
    Project: African Youth Unit for Change.
    Focus: Building Leadership Potential among Youth in Post War African Countries.

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