P&G Career Academy presents: European Financial Leadership Seminar 2010!

The European Financial Leadership Seminar (EFS) is a 5-day working session that was established in 1990. The 20th edition of the annual seminar will be held from April 18th to April 22nd at the P&G European headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. Travel and accommodation expenses for all participants will be paid by Procter & Gamble.

During these five days, participants from around the world would run a multi-national business, developing management and financial skills by working in teams and interacting with experienced P&G executives. The EFS is an outstanding opportunity to learn about the P&G culture.

The EFS will expose participants to a real-life business case study, which challenges them to develop strategies and drive decisions together with top students from all over the Europe,Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region.

The European Financial Leadership Seminar gives the opportunity to:

* Develop your management and financial skills

* Test yourself in an international business environment

* Interact with fellow students and experienced P&G executives to solve the types of business challenges and management issues you would face when working in an international organization like Procter & Gamble

About the P & G European Financial Leadership Seminar (EFS) 2010:

When : April 18 – 20 2010

Who: Students from Europe,Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region.

Where: Geneva,Switzerland.

Deadline: Application to be submitted by February 7th 2010.

For More information visit ; http://www.pgcareers.com/efs

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  1. Lanre Dahunsi

     /  October 30, 2009

    The P&G Global reasoning test was conducted in the university of lagos, today(Friday,October 30 2009). The test is divided into to three sections which are:
    Numerical Reasoning.
    Logical-Based Reasoning.
    Figural Based Reasoning.

    The test lasted for 65 Minutes and 40 questions to be answered.

    The Closing date for the application is feb. 7 2010.


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