2009 Summer Youth Internship Connect Programme.

Positive Impact Network & GET Mentored present a unique opportunity for undergraduates to gain practical work experience, to make good use of spare time they may have (due to holidays, strikes or reduced work load) and to learn and earn, in the 3rd edition of the Summer Youth Internship Connect (SYNC) Programme.

The SYNC programme is a formal work/study mentoring programme that attaches vibrant, positive and ambitious undergraduates seeking an opportunity for personal development to mentors for specifically defined periods- usually 6-8weeks. During this period, your mentor will pay you a monthly salary in exchange for you to perform daily tasks for him/ her. Tasks are as varied as your talent, and at the end of the day, your abilities would ensure when you leave school, you have exceptional references to fall back on! So far, 316 young people have benefited from this programme.

Vibrant, positive, ambitious young persons seeking an opportunity for personal development, and who are in tertiary education. Undergraduates studying in any higher institution in Nigeria (university, polytechnic, college of education, computer college e.t.c.) and between ages 19-25 years.

How to Apply
Send email to info@positiveimpactnetwork.org or
Visit the website www.positiveimpactnetwork.org


The Mentors Workshop titled: ‘Teach me to Earn, help me Learn’ is a full day formal mentoring event where selected participants at this years SYNC Programme as well as interested young people interact with mentors drawn from every sector of the Nigerian economy.
Venue: Airforce Officers Mess, Victoria Island, Lagos
Date: Saturday 5th September, 2009
Time: 10am- 2pm.

This event is FREE but there is space for only 100 participants. So sign up to be attached to a mentor or book your participation at the event now by emailing your name, mobile number and contact address to princess_ijay@ yahoo.com

For more information: please call Ijeoma on 01 820 7048 or 0803 730 9984.
To sign up as a mentor, please contact Mary on 0803 508 7797 or Temitayo on
0802 304 6134.

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