Call For Volunteers by “Collageo Communication Limited Foundation (CCLF)”

Collageo Communication Limited Foundation (CCLF) is a non governmental organization whose vision is ‘To reposition the Nigeria society in the minds of the citizens as worthy of first priority, honour and commitment, We intend to achieve our vision by communicating positive values through various media for national transformation through attitudinal change programme.

Aims and Objectives:
* To develop an ethos of citizenship in our community
* To promote the need for greater responsibility by individuals and corporate bodies
* To project good governance, family values, work ethics and religion accommodation by all groups in the nation and
* To encourage good governance among political leaders and the civil society.

Collageo Communication Limited Foundation puts together three different programs:

The Good Citizenship Initiative (TGCI)

The Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program and

The Governance Roundtable

Communication Limited Foundation is calling for volunteers to organize the TGCI programme; a youth leadership programme in secondary schools across the nation. The programme focuses on trainings in Personal Development, Leadership, Communication and Good citizenship. The Training will be conducted by the volunteers in schools of their choice and supervised by the Foundation. The training will be a 2 days programme to cover the modules. Volunteers should be passionate about Nigeria and willing to do something to make it better.

If you are interested in volunteering please indicate your interest by sending your personal profile with contact details (Phone numbers and email address) to aseyifunmi@gmail. com.

For further enquiries please call 08035656825 or 08022920481.

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