The Above topic was the theme/seminar topic in the IT CAREER AND CERTIFICATION SEMINAR.The Seminar was organized by Jidaw System Limited.The Seminar dwelt on the path to having a career path In the Information Technology Industry.The Participant were introduced to the various types and common certification available from

  • Vendor Certification – Product Dependent such as MCSE,CCNA,OCP etc
  • Non Vendor Certifcation – Technology Dependent and it is not restricted to a particular vendor or manufacturer Such as COMPTIA A+,N+,Linux+ etc

I was a participant in the seminar and I found the forum/session very informative and thought provoking; Among issues raised in the seminar includes the need for we the youths to totally disrespect Status Quo i.e we should move away from our comfort zone and see IT career path as a source for empowerment and social engineering.

  The importance of IT certification was emphasized and the participants were charged to not only see certification as a path to getting (a Job) rich-Qick but should be seen as a way of adding value to oneself and the society in particular.

  The Chief Speaker Mr Jide Awe ,the MD Jidaw Systems told the participants to start now ,empower themselves and begin to chat a path for national reconstruction following the footsteps of countries like Indian and china, which with little or no natural resources have been able to invest in their technical manpower expertise and have promoted the inculcation of Information Technology as a way of life.

  This is a lesson for the Nigerian Nation which is blessed with enormous and human resources but little technical/Information Technology expertise.I Believe Nigeria as the giant of Africa can not but key into the Knowledge(Information Technology) Economy and we should take our rightful place in the comity of nations. We Can Do It (Proudly Nigerian)


Big Brother Afica2

As the Big Brother Africa ends with its sight and sound, Fun and laughter, Immorality and Blasphemous Philosophy. However we must give it to the organizers of the show for a well pacakaged programme which has been able to unite the whole of africa for the Eighty Four days in which it lasted. I therefore Dedicate this blog to my Favorite HouseMate : Ofunneka Of Nigeria; She Is my favorite not only because she is a nigerian but because she as been able to uphold the virtue of an African Women with her modesty and Composure. Ofunneka Profile below

Name: Ofunneka
Age: 29
Birthday: August 9
Gender: Female
Place of Birth: Jos, Plateau
Height: 1.6m
Occupation: Personal Assistant to Medical Director

Nigerian Big Brother Africa 2 housemate Ofunnekama is a 29-year-old Lagos resident who holds a BSC degree in Chemistry. The straight talking Ofunnekama says that the event that changed her life was the recent end of a relationship which she describes as “an eye opening experience.” She would love to travel to Rome and to visit the Vatican to see the Pope.

All Princess Ofunneka which i predict in a number of minutes will be announced as the winner of the Big Brother Africa Show 2, I am writing in anxiety of how i would celebrate the announcement of Ofunneka as the winner.

Up Nigeria, Up Ofunneka, Go Get the $100,000, Go girl………….

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